Recommendation on Governance:

It is recommended that the Members-in-Training (M.I.T.s) be given the same privileges as Professional Members regarding APEGA governance matters.

Recommendations on Length of Term:

It is recommended that the legislation be revised to allow the length of time an individual can remain an M.I.T. to be extended in appropriate circumstances to provide flexibility and recognize an individual's unique circumstances.

Member-in-Training (M.I.T.) is a category of membership that APEGA designates for individuals who have met the academic and good character requirements of registration but who have not completed the other requirements, including the necessary experience for registration as a Professional Engineer or Professional Geoscientist. Member-in-Training include Engineers-in-Training (E.I.T.s) and Geoscientists-in-Training (G.I.T.s).

Currently, M.I.T.s are not allowed to vote on APEGA matters, nor are they allowed to run for Council positions. Council has reviewed this matter and supports giving this right to M.I.T.s as valued Members of APEGA. Council believes the right to vote and to run for election for Council will foster M.I.T.s' potential to become more engaged as Professional Members and to fully participate in the self-regulation of the professions in the future.

In addition, this discussion paper addresses the existing time limit an individual can be listed as an M.I.T in APEGA's records. The existing limitation does not take into consideration personal issues that may arise from time to time for M.I.T.s. It remains, in principle, that eight years should be sufficient for an individual to obtain the required four years of experience to become a Professional Member; however, it is in the public's and the professions' best interests to revise the legislation to allow APEGA to extend the time limit and be flexible in supporting individual circumstances.

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