Building Code Exemptions


It is recommended that the building code exemptions contained in section 2(6) and (7) of the EGP Act be repealed and that The Engineering and Geosciences and Professions Act (EGP Act) reference the current Alberta Building Code as the source for relevant exemptions. This would not eliminate the exemptions; rather it would make the Alberta Building Code the sole source of reference for the relevant exemptions.

There are a number of building code-related exemptions within the EGP Act that allow individuals and entities to practice engineering without being licensed with APEGA if the activity relates to buildings of a certain type, size and occupancy.

The Architects Act of Alberta and the EGP Act both share wording from the 1982 Alberta Building Code. Unfortunately, the wording introduced into the EGP Act and the Architects Act is not the exact same wording used in the 1982 Alberta Building Code.

In addition, building structures and building science have evolved since the 1980s. However, these particular sections within the Alberta Building Code, the Architects Act and the EGP Act relating to exemptions are not up to date to reflect these changes because of the difficulty in updating three pieces of legislation at the same time.

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